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Like Father, Like Son in Baltimore

Steve Johnson is back in Baltimore, which means that the list of father-son combinations to have played at the major league level for the Orioles may soon grow longer.

First there was Bob Kennedy, the first player in modern O's history to hit a grand slam, and his son Terry, an All-Star catcher for the Birds in 1987.

Next was Dave Mays (1967-1970) and his son Derrick May (1999),  then Don Buford (1968-1972) and his son Damon (1993-1995), followed by Tim Raines (four games in 2001) and Tim Raines Jr. (2001, 2003, 2004).

Future candidates besides Steve Johnson include Steve Bumbry, son of Al (1972-1984), who was drafted by the Orioles in 2009; Toronto minor league pitchers Kyle Drabek, son of Doug (1998), as well as Josh Roenicke and his brother Jason, sons of Gary (1978-1975); and Tug Hulett, son of Tim (1989-1994), who plays in the Boston system.

The list does not include the Ripkens because Cal Sr. played only in the team's farm system.