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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Brian Roberts Returns to Camp, Orioles Still Expect Him to Be Ready -- MLB FanHouse
The Orioles still feel Brian Roberts will be ready for Opening Day, and aren't actively pursuing a fill-in at second base, a major league source told FanHouse's Ed Price. -duck

Orioles notes: RH Johnson, lost in Rule 5 draft, is back -
Steve Johnson, the 22-year-old right-hander from Baltimore whom the Orioles lost last December in the Rule 5 draft, is on his way back to the organization. In other news, the sun rose in the east today. -duck

Turner remains hot in Roberts' stead | News
Justin Turner had two hits and an RBI filling in for Brian Roberts in the Orioles' 3-1 win over the Twins on Tuesday. I haven't seen a photo of the guy, so hot may be a relative term. Just sayin'. -duck

Millwood's intrasquad performance lets Orioles breathe easier -
Good news! Kevin Millwood doesn't look like crap against Orioles scrubs. -Stacey

Hernandez to AAA? -
Hernandez has a 14/1 K/BB ratio, but since he's allowed three homers, his ERA stands at 4.50 through 10 innings. Hernandez is still working as a starter, even though it's doubtful that he'll have a rotation spot unless someone gets injured. He'd have a better chance of making the Orioles as a reliever, but since he's not getting any experience there right now, it looks like he's probably Triple-A bound. -duck

Steve Johnson talks about his return to Baltimore
He got to hang with Tim Lincecum, so he's happy. -Stacey

Orioles' Reimold limping through camp -
He's hurting and limping but everyone says he'll be ready to go on Opening Day. -Stacey

O’s spring training: The 25 who will make it (#16) | WNST
Koji! Koji! Koji! -Stacey

Honoring the Irish Ball-Players on St. Patrick's Day - Royals Review
Royals Review gives an Irish history of baseball. -Stacey

Fishing Contest | Win a Fishing Trip with Luke Scott |
Would you like to go fishing with Luke Scott? I have never been fishing in my life, but I would kind of like to go fishing with Luke Scott. If fishing is your thing and Luke is your buddy, enter the contest. -Stacey

Who will be the brightest offensive star in the Orioles' universe? - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
We should really, really hope Brian Roberts doesn't get hurt. Thanks for the update. Although, in his defense, the writer does give MWF a shout-out. -duck

And yeah, it's Wednesday. It's been a long week already.