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2010 Pre-Season Camden Chat Contest

Last year before the season started we had the Prop Projections contest, this year I've borrowed an idea from Sky Kalkman at Beyond the Boxscore. For this contest you'll be given two scenarios and will predict which one will yield a higher result. For example, the fourth question is, "Home runs hit by Luke Scott or home runs allowed by Jeremy Guthrie?" If you think Guts will give up 30 HR and Luke will hit 25, you choose Guthrie. Simple.

I'm using a Google Docs form because it's much, much easier to manage the data that way, although I know that it's annoying when you can't see other people's votes. If you want to see how many people have voted, what their votes are, ensure that I'm not making it all up, etc., click here to see the spreadsheet. It will update automatically when people submit their results.

Good luck! The winner of the contest will get the Camden Chat t-shirt of their choice. You have one week to submit your entry.