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Monday Bird Droppings

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Millwood guides O's to win over Phillies -
Millwood had a great game, and Felix Pie was really cute enchanting winsome adorable. -zk 

Reimold hopeful first hit is turning point | News
.043 kinda sucks, but it's better than .000. -zk

In first start, Moyer handles himself well | News
Ex-Oriole Jamie Moyer is still bringin' it in his bid to be Philly's fifth starter. I hope he sticks with the Phils, because he's one of the only baseball players I know who's older than I am. How old? Dude is less than two years from the big 5-0. -zk

Highlights from yesterday's game
Including a recap of Millwood's day, the O's three run eighth inning, and Felix Pie's home run. -Stacey

Trembley's thoughts on Uehara's health may be lost in translation -
Schmuck thinks Trembley is glossing over Uehara's injuries so as not to offend the People of Japan. -zk

Millwood on Millwood
Kevin Millwood talks about his first good start of the spring. -Stacey

O’s spring training: The 25 who will make it (#17) | WNST
Chris Tillman. -Stacey

2010 Pre-Season Camden Chat Contest
In case you missed it over the weekend, we're holding a pre-season contest. Check it out. We've gotten 54 responses so far. Keep 'em coming! -Stacey

O's Roberts bats right, left 'with no problem' -
Brian Roberts batted from both sides of the plate yesterday facing live pitching. I guess he had already worked with dead pitching earlier in the weekend. -duck

Ray Miller and Johnny Oates inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame
The full press release can be seen in this linked Fan Shot. -Stacey

Today in Camden Chat history: