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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Orioles fall to Marlins, 5-2 -
Guthrie pitched a little better, Adam Jones homered, that's about it. -Stacey

Charlotte Business Journal: Ripken pitching to police
Cal Ripken, Jr. is encouraging cops in Charlotte to become youth league coaches. But the real reason I clipped this article is that it has one of the goofiest pictures of Cal you'll ever see. -zk

MASN Launches on Comcast in Harrisburg-Lebanon Area March 31st -
Starting March 31, MASN will be televised on Comcast systems in Harrisburg, Lykens, Lebanon, Hershey, Millersburg and Elizabethtown in central Pennsylvania. Comcast will also carry MASN 2, MASN HD and MASN 2 HD. The channel will launch on the expanded basic tier of Comcast cable service. -duck

Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Rodrigo Lopez has a big chance
Don't look now, but Roddy might make it back to the bigs with Arizona this year. -zk

Middle relief puts on middling performance vs. Marlins -
Various and sundry from Schmuck, including this news: Reimold will start in left today and the plan is to see how well he handles playing a full 9 innings out there. -zk

Eyeing O's rotation, Britton waits his turn -
SO excited about this kid. He seems to have the exact right attitude about his progression. -zk

Roberts may see game action this week | News
Are we there yet? B-Rob might play in a game later this week. Just for fun, be sure to check out the grumpy comments by Whitt57at the end of the article. -zk

Mazzone misses his old gig with Braves | Atlanta Braves
“The other day there was a thing where [former Braves starter Kevin] Millwood, who’s with the Orioles now, said he loved throwing twice in-between starts here [when he was with Atlanta]. Of course Dave Trembley said, ‘Well we’re not going to do that.’ Of course he [Trembley] has had too much success." Gee, bitter much, Leo? -duck

Joe Posnanski " Strasburg, Heyward, Stanton
There's just a short line about Brian Matusz in this list of prospects to watch but I included it because Pos calls him "breathtaking." -Stacey

Organizational Rankings: #17 – Baltimore | FanGraphs Baseball
This link was posted in yesterday's comments but for anyone who missed it, it's basically the same song and dance we've been hearing from everyone: "They'd have such hope if they didn't play in that behemoth of a division." Fan Graphs has been doing three articles at a time each team as they work their way through rankings, so also check out what they think of the O's current and future talent. -Stacey

2010 Pre-Season Camden Chat Contest
Three more days to enter the contest. There have been 74 entries so far, if we could get 100 that would be awesome. -Stacey

This Day in Camden Chat history: