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T-Shirts! Get Yer Camden Chat T-Shirts HEEyah!


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If you have requests, please email zknower directly using the link at the bottom of the page.
Include "CC T-Shirt" in your subject line. 

OK. Thanks for your patience everyone!


Our new shop, Camden Chat Apparel, is officially online and open for business! 

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The link to the shop is at the end of this post, but first, please read a few notes/guidelines/etc:

  • Front vs. Front/Back designs: The shirts currently are all either Front-only or Front/Back designs. But sometimes it's not obvious which you're looking at. Unfortunately, one of the limitations of the shop is that in the "general" shop view, you can only show either the front or the back of a shirt. So to make things clearer, every shirt has either "F" or "F/B" in its title to correspond to Front-only or Front/Back. Once you click through to see the details of a shirt, it's more obvious and you can view thumbnails of the front and the back. Note that most of the Front/Back designs are set to show the BACK of the shirt in shop view, since the Front of the shirt is usually just the CC logo (I think the lone exception is "Please drink....responsibly"). Just as a point of reference, here are a bunch of shirt fronts so you know what they look like. Note that there are two different orange-on-black CC logos (see "Orange ink" bullet, below):
  • Orange ink on black shirts: In our tests, the dark "Oriole" orange got kind of lost on the black fabric. So for most of the black shirts—the ones with sayings on them—we used a slightly lighter orange to get a little more pop. The only exception is the lollygagger shirt, which we wanted to look more like a uniform, and which always has a white trim around the darker orange to set it off. A rough mockup of how the two oranges print on the black is below ("sayings" orange is left, "lollygagger" orange is right). In real life, the inks are a little more faded and a little darker/less contrasty than this:



  • Pricing: We did our best to keep prices down, based on the polls about price range. All the shirts fall between $14-$25, with most around $17. If you're wondering what makes a shirt more/less expensive, here are some guidelines: orange shirts are more expensive than black or white (notice that orange is a heavyweight shirt, whereas black, white, and grey are standard weight: standard weight is cheaper, but doesn't include orange as a color option.) Designs on one side only are cheaper than designs on front and back. The "lollygagger" shirts are the priciest because the back design is so tall, it actually counts as two designs, for a total of three on the shirt overall. The most expensive shirt is the orange lollygagger shirt because of the number of designs + the color of the shirt. 
  • Categories: To help you zoom in on the shirt you want, notice the "Categories" drop down menu (upper left) which will show you all orange designs, all front/back designs, etc....
  • Delivery: We have no control over delivery costs. Standard delivery from Spreadshirt is $4.50 for up to $50 worth of merchandise, and $7 for $50-$100. So if you are ordering multiple shirts, it makes sense to place them on the same order. Expedited delivery is also available. More on delivery costs here
  • Ladies: First of all, LOVE you (who doesn't love the ladies?). However, I'm not sure which designs you most want to have. So rather than replicate every single men's design onto a women's T-shirt, I'll ask you to allow me to make them for you by request (see "Customizing", below). Any shirt I replicate for you, once created, will then always be available in the future. Also, there are currently no orange women's Ts available at Spreadshirt. So if you want an orange design, you'll have to buy a men's shirt for now. The women's "slim" T has an orange option, but it's currently out of stock. If you want to know when it's available, drop me a line using the email at the bottom of the page. 
  • Last of all, Customizing: If you're missing your favorite expression; if you see something you like on a standard weight shirt, but would prefer it on a heavyweight, or on a woman's shirt, or even even on a hoodie; if you see a "front only" design that you'd like moved to the back; if you like a current offering that has a large "cc" on the front, but want it with the pocket-sized logo instead; if you want more white or grey shirts; whatever your requests, let me know in the comments below. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. I'll do my best to accommodate you, and will try to respond to requests within 24 hours or so (may be tricky these next few days, but I'll do my best). Requesting a design doesn't obligate you to buy it—if you see how it looks and decide it's not for you, that's cool—but please don't throw out requests unless it's something you're seriously interested in.
  • If you have any Questions, ask them below and I'll respond to them. I'd prefer they be asked here instead of in other threads because other people may have the same questions and will know to look for answers here. 

Shirts should ship within 48 hours of you ordering. They tend to take 3-5 days to arrive. If you want a shirt by Opening Day (CC bar meetup), I'd try to order it no later than Monday (although Tues or Wed might still be OK, as the shirts ship from PA). 


Visit our shop, Camden Chat Apparel, at this link

There is also an ad on the left sidebar which will take you to the store.