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Camden Chat meetup for Opening Night

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Last week we talked about meeting up on Opening Night to watch the Orioles play the Rays on the road. There was quite a bit of interest, which is awesome.

As you guys know, I've been appearing on Drew Forrester's morning show on WNST three times a week for about a month now, and it's been a ton of fun. Drew has invited all of Camden Chat to watch the O's game with them at Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Dundalk.

Jimmy's is a big place with a lot of TVs and unlike places closer to downtown, has all the free parking you could want. There will be drink and appetizer specials for the occasion and WNST has generously offered to buy every Camden Chatter their first beer. Additionally, if you show up and you're rocking one of the awesome Camden Chat shirts, I'm going to buy your second drink (just be sure to order your shirt soon so it arrives in time).

I hope that anyone who is local and free that night will join us, even those of you who read CC but don't participate all that often. The bigger the CC crowd the more awesome the night will be.

If you think you'll make the trip out to scenic Dundalk, please send me an email letting me know so that I can add your name to the free beer list.

The first pitch in Tampa Bay is at 7:10 and I'll probably get to Jimmy's around 6 p.m. I really hope to see you there!