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Orioles vs Rays: Spring Training Game 1 @ 1:05 p.m.

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We've gone from intrasquad to the Grapefruit League. It's still not the baseball I'm desperate for, but it's a step in the right direction.

Jeremy Guthrie makes the start for the Orioles against James Shields. Guthrie doesn't want you to read too much into him being the first starter, but I think it'll be nice for him to officially be able to turn the page to 2010. I have high hopes for Guts this year. Guthrie will pitch 2 innings or 35 pitches, whichever comes first.

David Hernandez, Matt Albers and Will Ohman are also scheduled to pitch today. They are fighting for bullpen spots so their performances might be the most important things about the game.

Lineup! First Lineup of 2010 (thanks to Roch)

Adam Jones CF
Cesar Izturis SS
Nick Markakis RF
Miguel Tejada 3B
Matt Wieters C
Luke Scott LF
Garrett Atkins 1B
Josh Bell DH
Justin Turner 2B

The position players will go about 5 innings, except for Matt Wieters who will come out earlier. Brian Roberts won't be making an appearance. 

The game will be broadcast locally on 105.7 The Fan. If memory serves, last year the ST games were broadcast online (unlike regular season games). Hopefully that will be the case for those of us who aren't in the listening area or don't get radio reception at work. If that doesn't work, this article states that the game will be available via webcast at That'll do, I suppose, but I want Joe Angel! Edit: We can't listen online at The Fan. Jerks.