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Gauging Interest: Camden Chat T-Shirts?

Hey y'all. Recently SB Nation partnered with Pro Blog Stores to provide a place where we can create and sell blog related merchandise. I honestly have no idea what the interest would be for something like this in the community so I'm throwing it out to the group. To get an idea of what other blogs are doing, here are a few that have already opened their stores:

Over The Monster
Hogs Haven
Baltimore Beatdown
Pop Off Valve

Once you're in the store you can use the sidebar to look at other blogs as well.

So my questions for you are:

  1. If there were Camden Chat t-shirts, would you be interested in buying them?
  2. If we decide to do Camden Chat t-shirts, would you be interested in helping to brainstorm ideas?

Even if there is just a bit of interest it doesn't hurt to create a few. But if everyone is like, "lame!" I'm not going to bother. Not to mention the fact that I'm not the most creative in the world and would need help with ideas. If there is enough interest, I was thinking we could have a post where people submit their suggestions and then we can vote on them. The top few designs (and you don't have to actually do the design, the Pro Blog Stores guys will do that) will get put into the store and I could toss a free t-shirt to the person who came up with the most popular idea.

What say you?

EDIT: The people have spoken, there is definitely enough interest to go forward with creating CC shirts. Continue to use this thread to submit your ideas and after the weekend I'll narrow them down, post a poll, and we'll figure out the best choices for the Camden Chat store.