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Birds Up, O's Down - Late Spring Training edition

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This is the first in what's designed to be a weekly series on the past week of each member of the O's active roster. Thanks to Japer's Rink for the inspiration. This series will run on Sunday evenings in the future, but consider this a test run. Use the comments to offer tweaks, constructive criticism or incoherent ranting.

Here's the late Spring Training 2010 edition of  Birds Up, O's Down. All stats were before Monday night's game.




Chad Moeller

Sporting an OPS over 1.000 and 2 HRs in 20 AB, Chad Moeller should have a lock on the backup catcher position. Apparently he doesn't, but he should.

Craig Tatum

Craig has had almost as many AB as Moeller in ST, but hasn't grabbed the backup role with an average of .211. His superior arm is his only hope. He may be  destined for a bus ticket to Norfolk.

Matt Wieters

Switch-Hittin' Jesus hasn't done much hitting this spring, but it's spring. If his OBP is still .318 in June, then I'll worry.




Robert Andino

Andino can't hit a lick, but he can back up at SS, which is more than Justin Turner can do, apparently.

Garrett Atkins

I don't immediately know how your OBP can be lower than your AVG, but Garrett's done it this spring. C'mon, Brandon Snyder

Cesar Izturis

Izzy can't hit a lick, in Spring Training or regular season. But he's not Brandon Fahey, so we got that going for us.

Brian Roberts

He's hurt. We have no idea how bad, or if it will recur. As of Monday, he was batting. Go O's!

Miguel Tejada

Miggi isn't hitting well in ST, but it's ST. And it's like his 23rd MLB Spring Training, so I'll give him a mild "down" and move along.

Justin Turner

Ironically, the infielder with the best spring at the plate has the least chance to make the club. If he could play SS, Justin Turner and his .866 OPS in 31 Abs might be going north, not Andino.

Ty Wigginton

Yes, he can turn a sweet play at 2B in a pinch. But his hitting's been awful this spring. Here's hoping he's a wily vet that turns it on once OD hits.




Adam Jones

The OPS of almost .900 is nice, but the OBP is a little low. Adam's got to stop swinging at bad pitches. The four walks in 43 AB is a good sign.

Nick Markakis

ZERO walks? Really Nick? I know it's spring, but ZERO?

Lou Montanez

Lou can hit, but he's not going north, with the other four fighting for three spots and Luke still wanting some sweet LF action. Sorry, Lou.

Felix Pie

Felix is sporting the best spring OPS of any starter, but what about that shoulder?

Nolan Reimold

Let's not kid ourselves - Nolan's not ready to play LF every day. But Pie's shoulder is now an issue, and Luke's balking at 1B. So who is our Opening Day starter in left field?

Designated Hitters



Luke Scott

He's the only healthy LF we have, his OBP is a robust (for Luke) .356, yet he's struck out 11 times in less than 40 AB. Ladies and gentlemen, Luke Scott!



Brian Matusz

Matusz had the spring we all hoped he would - dominant. His WHIP was under 1.00 his BB/K split was 3/19.  And even his one bad start wasn't really that bad. Only question is by how much does he win AL RoY if he stays healthy.

David Hernandez

If you're wondering why Hernandez may be the 5th starter, look no further than his BB/K split of 3/20.  Throw in a respectable WHIP of 1.33, and Hernandez may have earned his way into the rotation.

Brad Bergesen

No problems with the shin. No problems with the shoulder. And no problems looking like a nice 1-2 punch with Matusz for years to come.

Chris Tillman

Chris had a respectable spring with a 1.41 WHIP and a sub-4.00 ERA. But look at Hernandez's numbers again, and you'll see why Chris is checking bus schedules to Norfolk to start the year.

Jeremy Guthrie

Yes, it's spring. But Jeremy Guthrie is not starting with a lot of spare rope if Tillman goes to AAA and forces his way back north. It just may be Guts' spot, not Hernandez's, that Tillman claims.

Kevin Millwood

It's spring, and Millwood says he always sucks in the spring. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Show 'em what you got, old man.


Jason Berken

The ERA is below 3.00, the WHIP is around 1.10, and the BB/K split is 3/7. Long relief just might be Berken's destiny. There's worse ways to make a living.

Matt Albers

Matt came into camp in seemingly worse shape than we saw him last. But aside from one disastrous outing, Matt's done well in ST. His ERA is around 2.50, his WHIP is in good shape, and he's got just 1 walk against 6 K's.

Kam Mickolio

Classic case of why ERA doesn't tell the story. Sure, that 1.93 looks good, but a 1.50 WHIP and 7 walks against 10 K's?

Cla Meredith

The Claw found success this spring, with a sub-1.00 WHIP and no walks against 5 K's.

Jim Johnson

Maybe we shouldn't be so certain Jim Johnson goes north as the 8th inning guy. There's an argument to be made to keep Mickolio over JJ. The WHIP is north of 1.60 and the ERA is over 3.50. Not good for a set-up man to be counted on 3-4 times a week.

Will Ohman

Will Ohman couldn't have had a better spring if he tried. He's a lefty, he's sportin' a fancy 0.00 ERA to go with a 0.41 WHIP, and he's got 10 Ks against 2 walks.

Mark Hendrickson

Mark's a lefty. That may be the only reason he has some semblance of job security at this point. With a rough April, he may find himself look at Norfolk and Bowie to see his replacement gaining fast.

Koji Uehara

Oh, our delicate flower. When healthy? He's good. But can he stay healthy for longer than a lunar cycle?

Mike Gonzalez

So our presumed closer has the highest WHIP and ERA of anyone in the bullpen. Awesome. Yes, I know, limited sample size, but not what I'd want if I had my druthers.