Official Opening Night Meet Up Fan Post

With the post I made getting pushed further and further down the page, I thought it might be convenient to create a Fan Post so that it'll stay visible through Opening Day. If a few of you want to throw this a rec so that it gets stickied at the top I'd appreciate it.

If you're in Baltimore, you'll be meeting up with us at Jimmy's. No excuses :) Here is the original post with all the details. A few people mentioned in that thread that they'll be there or hope to be there, which is awesome. If you even think you might come, let me know in the comments here. The WNST folks are asking me to verify the Camden Chatters so they're not just buying drinks for everyone under the sun.

Speaking of WNST, Phil mentioned in the comments of the last post that he'd had some reservations about the event due to their involvement. Thankfully he came around and if you have similar thoughts I hope you will too. I've said it before, I've had nothing but a positive experience with these guys, and I'm sure it's going to be a fun night of watching the O's. If that doesn't convince you, keep in mind there are also going to be some fabulous CC'ers there that will surely make it worth your while. If THAT doesn't convince you, Jimmy's has something on their menu called Crab Mac and Cheese. I think that settles it.

If you're NOT in Baltimore, several people mentioned the possibility of meeting up in NYC, DC, and Central Virginia. If you're in any of those locations (or anywhere else for that matter) and want to get something going, you can use this post to do so, since the other one will be off the front page soon.

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