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Thursday Bird Droppings

Video Highlights from yesterday's game
Check out Nick Markakis' HR, Scott Moore's HR, and both of Rhyne Hughes' HRs. Sadly no footage of Josh Bell. Man it's good to see baseball. -Stacey

Next up: Brian Matusz
Brian Matusz is fired up and ready to go! We won't get to see or hear it though, as it's not being broadcast anywhere. -Stacey

Post Game Notes
The plate umpire warned benches in Spring Training? Don't worry, ump, I'm guessing Matt Albers didn't hit him on purpose. Lotsa Trembley quotes in here. -Stacey

Spoone-fed a blog entry
Chorye Spoone is in the best shape of his life. Or at least the best shape of his life since having surgery. -Stacey

Reimold and Bergesen
Nolan didn't play today as he's easing into the lineup, but he insists his sore Achilles is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Bergy is doing well and could start a game next week. -Stacey

Prospect Bell homers from both sides | News

Tejada enjoying transition to third base | News
Good news, guys. They're NOT trying to turn Miguel Tejada into Brooks Robinson. -Stacey

Baseball Prospectus | Top 101 Prospects
Kevin Goldstein released his top 101 prospect list with the four usual Orioles suspects making the list. Matusz at 18, Bell at 39, Arrieta at 70, and Britton at 73. -Stacey

Orioles tidbits from Kevin Goldstein's chat
Every O's related question from yesterday's chat by BP's Kevin Goldstein. -Stacey

Fans give Baltimore a warm welcome at Ed Smith Stadium
The Orioles and the city of Sarasota are getting on like gangbusters. -Stacey

On this day in Camden Chat history...zk gives a glowing review of his Danny Cabrera's first ST outing of 2007duck thinks that the Orioles alienated Nick Markakis in 2008SC talks about George Sherrill in 2009...sortaI bought these awesome shoes (which are a little too big by the way. I still wear them) and I, also, uh, laugh at the idea of Miguel Tejada returning to Baltimore. -Stacey