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Vote! It's your Camden Chat civic duty.

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Last week I asked about interest in having a few Camden Chat t-shirts designed. The response was overwhelmingly positive and you all, creative geniuses that you are, immediately threw up some great ideas. I've listed those ideas in a ballot below the jump so that we can narrow down the field. Please vote for up to five of the ideas you think are the best. I'll keep the ballot open through Wednesday and after announcing the results I'll get to work with the Pro Blog Stores to get them designed and ready for purchase. 

Oh, and one quick thing. Your vote should be based not only on the cleverness/humor of the idea but also of its wear-ability. So if you think it's a great slogan/idea but not one that you'd ever wear on a t-shirt or expect anyone else to, please don't vote for it. 

I decided to use a Google form instead of the regular poll feature so that you could vote for more than one. Technically I cannot stop you from voting for more than five, so you're on the honor system. If you do vote for more than five I may ask you to clarify, or if I'm feeling cranky I'll just toss your ballot out.

I asked for your user name so that I can verify the votes are legit. I can't possibly imagine anyone ballot stuffing such a trivial poll, but you never know. Weirdos hang out on the internet, after all. If you don't have a user name, sign up already! What are you waiting for? 

I'll go ahead and embed this results graph here instead of the comments.