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Another quick poll: T-Shirt cost

As has been mentioned recently, we're looking at making some kickass Camden Chat T-Shirts which will allow our loyal arrogant orioles fans members to proclaim their undying devotion to us, and also to spot each other at OPACY.

After reviewing the current results of the poll on designs, and seeing a lot of differing opinions (with well over 200 votes cast), we are thinking of eschewing the traditional method, which is to mass-produce a 2-3 designs in an effort to get a lower cost.

Instead, we're leaning towards a more customized internet model which would lead to a slightly higher cost per shirt, but would allow us to offer a much larger number of designs. In fact, as long as we don't have a problem with content, you could even request custom designs (within reason....we'll still exercise some control over what's said on a CC shirt). So instead of giving only 2 or 3 options, we could give more like 10 or 15, and those designs could have some local customization and also be applied to different types of apparel (ladies' shirts, onesies, etc).

We're not in this to make a big profit, so we'll do our best to keep costs as low as possible. That said, we still have to make some decisions regarding how complex the basic template designs would be. A shirt with a one-color design is cheaper than a shirt with two+ colors (whereas two colors, such as black AND white, can look much better, especially if it's an orange shirt); a shirt with a design only on the front is cheaper than a front-back design (which allows a lot more creativity); and so forth.

In other words, a few extra bucks can mean a much cooler shirt.

Bearing all this in mind, we'd love a little guidance. Please take the following poll and give us an idea about the lengths to which you'd deplete your bank account in order to wear your CC love on your sleeve (Sleeve! Get it?).