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Saturday Bird Droppings

<a href="">This just seemed a little more appropriate than a game photo.</a>
This just seemed a little more appropriate than a game photo.

Well, that sucked. Worst part? You knew it was going to happen. Admit it, as soon as you saw #51 warming up in the bullpen, you knew what was going to happen. Oh sure, maybe you didn't say it out loud to your buddies, maybe you tried to push the thought out, but you knew - Mike Gonzalez was going to blow that game. And he did.

Recaps of yesterday's meltdown can be found here (Zrebiec), here (WaPo), here (TSN), here (Toronto Star), here (AP), and here (Ghiroli)

Assessments of Mike Gonzalez's job security are abundant. Yahoo! chimes in, Peter Schmuck gives his thoughts, The b inists there's a bright spot as PressBox says it's Time To Ask The Gonzalez Question, even USA Today says Gonzalez emerging as Public Enemy No. 1 among Orioles fans while Fantasy CPR notes the Boo Birds come out for Gonzalez, and even Virginia chimes in with O's Gonzalez not closing gap team has with squeaker games.

As for the rest of the Orioles-related news...

Roberts' status uncertain after injury -
Roberts has an abdominal strain, and it's unknown when he'll return to the lineup. -zk

Gulf Oil Brings More "Orange" to Camden Yards | Earth Times News
Say WHAT? Gulf compares their sign in right field to the two orange seats in OPACY that honor Cal and Eddie. -zk

Offices clear out, fans descend on downtown for Orioles Opening Day - Baltimore Business Journal:
Apparently some people played hooky to watch the game yesterday. Who knew? -zk

Gonzalez on the boos: I understand it.
"Gonzalez was booed loudly after blowing the save in the home opener. But he was also booed on his way into the game as fans remembered his opening night struggles too. "I understand it obviously. They brought me here for a reason. That was to close games and get the job done. That's twice I've done it in a row and I understand their frustration," Gonzalez said." -duck

Miggy's Tips for Gonzalez

"I don't have many at bats against Gonzalez because he's a lefty and I hit right handed. The last time I faced him he seemed to throw very hard inside. Now it looks like he is not throwing inside. I already told him that. He will probably look at the video and do a better job tomorrow," Tejada said. -duck

For Orioles' home opener, high hopes and a sea of orange -
Rob Jones was selling Orioles hats and T-shirts on the sidewalk along Conway Street again, lured back after a four-year absence by the thought that the team just might make a game of it this season. -duck

Tejada's return to Baltimore a home run | News
"I was fired up as soon as the plane [touched] down last night," Tejada said. "I'm really happy to come back here. I think [for] me to come back this year is going to be really special, because I'm going to try to have the best season that I [ever had]." -duck

Hope Springs Eternal For Orioles Fans - WBAL Radio -
"Each year is a fresh start, and this is the year we're going all the way," Mark from Sykesville said in the scalp free zone outside of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. -duck

Pie expected to play this weekend | News
Manager Dave Trembley isn't sure exactly when, but he's confident outfielder Felix Pie will play in one of the Orioles' three games against the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: Wieters awakened
Matt Wieters is doing OK carrying this team. -duck

Despite 7-6 loss, fans give Orioles another chance ( - The Maryland Gazette)
"[Bill] Leahy boycotted Opening Day for a decade, refusing to spend his hard-earned money to support a franchise that was seemingly headed nowhere. However, the Annapolis man ended his self-imposed protest yesterday by attending the Orioles home opener, encouraged by the new direction of the ballclub." I'm sure yesterday did much to fuel his desire to return. -duck

Debate over 'O' in national anthem rages on for Birds fans -
"At 2:53:42 Friday afternoon, thousands of Orioles fans committed an act of patriotic blasphemy. Or engaged in a show of loyalty to the hometown team on Opening Day." Or were still drinking across the street, looked at their watches and said "Oh, sh..." as they raced to get to their seats. There's that option, too. -duck