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Rays 5, Orioles 1: Um....I don't have anything to say

I mean, I know that as a person who writes for an Orioles site, I'm going to be writing about losses more often than wins. But I don't know what I'm supposed to say about this team right now. That's pretty pathetic considering it's been one week. Can you even believe that it's only been one week? 

The good: Jeremy Guthrie had a pretty good outing. I'll take 7 innings and 3 runs any day, especially with no walks. Felix Pie hit a leadoff home run and added a single and walk, and he threw a guy out at the plate. That's pretty much it for the good. 

The bad: O's batters chasing pitches, Adam Jones getting picked off, Luke Scott and Ty Wigginton making boneheaded base running mistakes with Reimold pinch hitting as the tying run, Mark Hendrickson and Matt Albers both giving up runs in relief. 

Just as during Spring Training I had to keep telling myself, "It's only spring training," I also have to keep telling myself, "It's only been one week." But this team looks like garbage right now, there is no other way to put it. The starting pitching is the only thing on this team that doesn't make me want to vomit. 

There is no MBP poll today. Mark it as no one, dayzd. Nothing Birdland even came close to happening this evening.