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Rays 8, Orioles 6: I feel like I'm in a nightmare

Your headline comes courtesy of The Wayward O, who uttered those words tonight as the game began to unravel. 

It's like this. The Orioles don't just want to lose. They want to lose in the most painful way possible. So instead of a nice, normal game where they lose in a nice, normal fashion, you know what they do? The conspire together, the lot of them. MacPhail, Trembley, Mike Gonzalez, Garrett Atkins. And they figure out the absolute crappiest way to lose a game, the way that will make you feel the worst you can possibly feel about a baseball game, and that's what they do. 

Hey you know that future ace, Brian Matusz? It'd really kill those Oriole fans if he pitched the 7 best innings of his career only to be undone by a couple of garbage hits late in the game. And of course the bullpen needs to mess things up a bit, that'll make it even worse. Oh, oh! But let's not end it there! Let's give them a little hope so that it'll hurt even more later. One pinch hit, game tying home from from Luke Scott in the bottom of the 8th? Perfect! Brand new game! And who are those O's fans pinning their hopes to most of all? Matt Wieters? Ok then, he'll ground into a double play in the bottom of the 9th and then the sight of Matt Albers coming in from the bullpen will make them sick to their stomachs. A couple walks and a three run bomb by Carlos Pena later and the Orioles fans will really know pain. Not just the pain of a sucky team, no sirreee. The pain of a team that looks so inept that it will never contend, ever. 


P.S. If you want a more rational game recap, head on over to Yahoo's story. And I promise I'll be a little more rational tomorrow. Maybe.