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Wednesday Bird Droppings

I don't even have a sarcastic description of last night's loss. Game recaps here (Connolly), here (Ricig cartoon), here (Ghiroli), here (USA Today).

LATE ADDITION: Brian Matusz’ Year to Date | FanGraphs Baseball
"Obviously, it’s only two starts. But it’s two good starts from a supposedly good prospect against a supposedly good division foe. He’s going to take some knocks eventually. Until then, though, Baltimore fans may continue to gaze upon Matusz with a sense of anticipation and excitement. " -duck

Record-low turnout shows just how far Orioles have fallen -
Not even the Orioles PR staff is surprised at the low attendance numbers. -duck

Gonzalez to remain out of closer role for now | News
He's back with the team, but he's not the closer. Not yet. -duck

Vensel: No joke -- these O's have potential - b free daily
"I know what you’re thinking: It’s never too early to quit on the Orioles. After all, they haven’t had a winning season since Clinton was president, "MMMBop" was considered music and you didn’t get laughed at for wearing Airwalks." Yet another "It's still early!" column designed to make us feel better. -duck

Price looking to build on success vs. O's | News
Tampa Bay left-hander David Price is savoring a recent streak of success this season. Orioles right-hander Brad Bergesen is still hoping to get his first taste. -duck

Practicing their O's |
My alma mater, Parkside High School, will have its choir sing the National Anthem today. I'm (sniff) so proud of you guys! -duck

Bugle Charge for Beer - The Toy Department
"A well-orchestrated chant in the terrace box seats the other night turned the traditional bugle call over the PA system into -- you can't make this stuff up -- a plea for more equitable beverage pricing.  Instead of just yelling "CHARGE! after the bugle call, a half-dozen of these folks were yelling: CHARGE! LESS FOR BEER!" You gotta love Orioles fans. -duck

O's fans should be waving rally towels, not white flags
Roar From 34 tries to talk O's fan down off the ledge. -Stacey

Wieters hits cleanup for first time in majors -
A whole buncha lineup changes and nothing to show for it but an adorable Pie quote. -Stacey

Ex-Orioles' prospect hopes to revive career with Revs - York Dispatch
Val Majewski went from highly rated prospect to insurance salesman to a leader on the York Revolution. -Stacey

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- April 13
Tides lost, Baysox won, Keys won, Shorebirds lost. Go read the details. There will be a quiz later. -duck