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Friday Bird Droppings

Special Alert! SBN has just launched a new blog, MLB Bonus Baby, that will focus solely on the MLB draft. If you're familiar with Andy Seiler, he's the writer, and he's posted on CC about the Orioles draft here and here. Should be good stuff. -Stacey

here (Zrebiec)   here (   here (Ghiroli)   here (WDEL)   here (   here (SFGate)   That's about as much effort as the O's put in last night. Click if you want. I'm gonna go yell at an umpire to make you read faster.

Pie leaves game clutching left shoulder | News
And JUST when our day couldn't start any better comes news that Felix Pie left the game last night, clutching his shoulder. It just gets better and better, doesn't it? -duck

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- April 15
Here's the night's action in MiLB in one convenient link. Thanks, Dean Jones Jr. -duck

The most telling stat of the 2010 season -
Steve Melewski posted this before Thursday's game, but among the stats he used, this one caught my eye. O's bullpen ERA, 2010: Berken and Hendrickson: 2.03 Everyone else: 7.80. No wonder we suck. -duck

Brad Bergesen: Look Over Your Shoulder | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs says there are viable five options for taking 3E1N's spot in the rotation if he doesn't get his ball to sink soon. Brad Bergesen, you're officially ON NOTICE. -duck

Orioles Insider: When things are going wrong ...
When things are going wrong, you get games like last nigh - death by a thousand paper cuts. -duck

Orioles' Luke Scott is star of cast in Chesapeake Bay fishing tournament -
"He has been striped bass fishing off Brooklyn, N.Y., and largemouth bass fishing under a pier back home in Florida, but one of the places where Oriole Luke Scott remains a rookie is the Chesapeake Bay." Luke's never fished in the Bay? That's just so wrong on so many levels. -duck - Garner might be best bet for Orioles
"Here's a thought for the Orioles: Phil Garner." I don't know that a change in managers is going to help, but at this point, it seems like MacPhail has to do something. Anything. -duck