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Cal Ripken turned down by Angelos for a job with Orioles?

AndrewTorrez posted this link in Bird Droppings but I don't want it to get overlooked. 

According to Ken Rosenthal, Cal Ripken met with Andy MacPhail about taking a role in the front office only to be rebuffed by Peter Angelos. Excerpts: 

Ripken met with Andy MacPhail, the team’s president of baseball operations, about rejoining the organization, sources said.

Angelos, however, nixed the idea in a separate conversation with Ripken, telling him, according to three sources, that he did not want Ripken to receive credit once the team returned to prominence.

Ripken and MacPhail, according to that source, agreed that their relationship could be mutually beneficial. Ripken would have helped MacPhail with his vast baseball knowledge. MacPhail would have helped Ripken learn the administrative side of the game.

Angelos, however, was reluctant to create any perception that MacPhail was not fully in control, a source said.

It's really unknown how much of this is true, but if any of it is this is simply ridiculous. The idea that Peter Angelos would nix bringing in an Oriole legend and successful businessman in the baseball world is unbelievable. Especially if Andy MacPhail wanted someone like Ripken to work with him to provide additional baseball knowledge. 

Peter Angelos has been largely quiet since he hired Andy MacPhail, but if this is true he's back in the news in a big way, and in a way that will give Orioles fans even more reason to question his motives.