Athletics 4, Orioles 2: Same old song and dance

The Baltimore Orioles entered tonight's game with hopes of breaking a seven-game losing streak against Dallas Braden and the Oakland Athletics. Well, there was hope somewhere in Birdland, maybe. I'm actually not too sure about that, given that Braden came into the game with four of his 15 career wins against the Orioles. What I am sure about is that tonight prompted a drinking game of epic proportions, and at the end of the night, people were drunk and the Orioles were losers of eight straight, falling to the pathetic record of 1-10.

Kevin Millwood pitched just well enough to lose (6 IP, 3 ER), dropping to 0-2 for the year. Unfortunately, the Orioles could only manage two runs against Braden (2-0) in 7 IP. Braden retired the first ten batters while barely breaking a sweat. Though the final score was close, the game never felt close - largely because of the O's utter inability to record a hit with runners in scoring position (0-4) and a pair of GIDP - one each by Luke Scott and Lou Montanez (deal with it) -that snuffed out a couple of budding rallies before they could even get started.

The lone bright spot of the evening was a home run by Ty Wigginton, whose early season batting line is .292/.320/.667. It was his third home run of the season.

In better times, fans have embraced the This Is Birdland ad campaign. For tonight, one poster summed up a more appropriate tagline for the current season: "This Is Birdsh*t."

Due to MLB rules, tomorrow's game will not be televised because it falls within the Fox exclusive TV window. For Orioles fans shell-shocked by the team's performance coming out of the gate, this may feel like a blessing. Jeremy Guthrie pitches against Justin Duchscherer in an effort to finally stop the losing streak before it stretches to ten games.

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