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Non-Game Thread: O's at A's

<a href="">Isn't this just the cutest kitten ever? Like, a lot cuter than the O's record?</a>
Isn't this just the cutest kitten ever? Like, a lot cuter than the O's record?

There's been a growing movement to just ignore the Orioles game today. Between the fact it's not on TV (no, doesn't count) and the fact the team is 1-10, some of us are ready for a one-day break.  We at CC aim to keep our readers happy. So consider this your non-game thread.

During the duration of the O's at A's game today, post about things that make you happy.

  • Post vacation pics. 
  • Quote your favorite movies.
  • Give tips on favorite restaurants and dishes.
  • Post pictures of your kids - even the ones your wife or husband doesn't know about.
  • Post pics of your favorite beer. 
  • Ask for homework advice.
  • Give some home repair tips. I could really use those. Anyone know the best way to replace drywall in a ceiling?
  • Give your predictions on the Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal-Gegard Mousasi fight tonight (that's what I'll be watching at 9 pm).
  • Suggest a present for BSF's Bar Mitzvah tonight.  

Anything but today's game. This is a one-time deal, so use it wisely. This offer will no be repeated.

Since we won't know when the game ends, because we're not paying attention to it, let's make this a four hour thread. You can go back to the normal Open Thread at 7:30 EDT. Or whenever you want, really. The gamethread can be found on the front page if you find you just can't not pay attention to the game.

All we ask is you size images down - none larger than a 250 width.


If you don't know how to do that, here's an explanation. Complete with pictures and everything! Now talk about ANYTHING but the Orioles!