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How to make pictures a suitable size on SBN

Just about all of you know how to use the INSERT PICTURE icon on the reply box. 


First of all, ALWAYS include a subject line for picture - people can click on the subject line to make the picture disappear if it's slowing down their SBN experience, which large pictures have a tendency to do.

Next, click on the Image icon and paste in the URL of the picture.


It will autmatically generate the code to display the picture at its original size. But, the picture may be too large for our threads.


See where the red arrow is? That's where YOU type in this phrase --> width=250


Click the PREVIEW button to see if it's readable or usable. If it's not, bump it up to 300 or use a different image.


If you like what you see, just click POST. Voila! You're done!