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Felix Pie could miss up to three months with shoulder injury

From Roch Kubatko:

Orioles outfielder Felix Pie could miss up to three months with an injury to his latissimus dorsi muscle.

Pie went on the disabled list April 16 with an injury classified as a strained muscle in his upper back, but further examination today revealed a more serious problem.

There's been no talk of surgery, and Pie is debating whether to stay here or report to Sarasota to rehab.

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail confirmed the injury a few minutes ago and compared it to the one suffered by reliever Jim Miller a few years ago.

"Left alone, I'm told - and they have significant medial information on this - the thing will heal itself as quickly or more quickly than if you did something on a surgical basis," MacPhail said. "But it's going to take some time to go through the process that it has to go through."

Prior to the season starting there was talk here and elsewhere about the Orioles' surplus of outfielders and whatever will we do with all of them. Well Reimold can barely play the field thanks to his bum Achilles and now Pie is going to miss the entire first half of the season and suddenly we're right back where we started with Luke Scott and Lou Montanez.

This is really such a shame. Pie had a great spring and a great start to the season. In addition to his good performance he finally seemed like he belonged with the Orioles, when last year he was sort of like an alien.

I know that injuries are a part of the game and good teams survive them because they have the depth and/or resources to replace the injured players. That's why I try not to to play the woe is me card too often for things such as this. But between Brian Roberts, Koji Uehara, Miguel Tejada, Mike Gonzalez, Reimold, and Pie, it's getting hard to accept.