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Mariners 4, Orioles 1: Witty headlines reserved for teams with more than 2 wins

Tonight's game was basically a replay of pretty much every other game the Orioles have lost this year. The starting pitching was solid - Kevin Millwood pitched a complete game while allowing 4 runs and had just one bad inning, the offense was non-existent - an RBI single by Matt Wieters the only blemish on Felix Hernandez's night (and the run was unearned), and the defense was suspect - another error by Ty Wigginton at third and a questionable play by Justin Turner at 2nd that led to a run.

The good news, if you want to try and find any, is that Nick Markakis had three hits and actually looked like he knew what he was doing at the plate. He also made a pretty nice running catch in the outfield and used his awesome arm to keep the Mariners from trying to score Jose Lopez in the 4th. He ended up scoring anyway, but it was nice to see. I can only hope that this might be the beginning of something for him.

Tomorrow is an off day, thank the heavens. Enjoy it while you can, because beginning Friday the Orioles play their next twelve games against the Red Sox and Yankees.