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Friday Bird Droppings

Orioles-Red Sox Preview - Sporting News
Apparently, it's been 14 years since the Red Sox have started of as badly as they have. Expect to see a lot of "The Red Sox expect to get healthy against the O's" stories the next 3 days. -duck

Surprisingly bad Red Sox stats -
Their catchers have combined to throw out one runner all year in 37 attempts. Problem is, that would require base runners to take advantage of that. -duck

Dice-K to bump Wakefield out of rotation | News
Daisuke Matsuzaka will replace Tim Wakefield in the Red Sox rotation.At least, until he gets hurt again, which should happen around Tuesday. -duck

Norfolk pitching coach talks about Chris Tillman
"Right now he is working on some things from spring training. That is what we are concentrating on with his side days," Norfol pitching coach Mike Griffin said. "Not necessarily mechanical, but working on getting a good downhill plane with the fastball. Working on the curveball command. His changeup has been very good. Plus, he's working on a cutter." -duck

Mike Griffin talks about working with Bergesen and Arrieta
Just in case you thought the Norfolk pitching coach was going to discuss global warming of the situation in Somalia. -duck

Fans, former Orioles sound off on 2010 team’s losing -
"The Orioles' season is just 16 games old, but is it too early to write them off?" Well, considering the would have to go 79-67 the rest of the year just to wind up playing .500 ball, I'm beginning to think yes. -duck

Jones eager to be role model for African-Americans -
As the only African-American on the Baltimore Orioles' 25-man roster, Adam Jones views his situation with wisdom and hope. "It doesn't bother me one bit. I understand it,'' he said. "Of course I'd love to have more black people on my team. We've got some in the minors. They've got to make it up here.'' -duck

Undrafted and underappreciated, but making their mark - Fantasy Windup:
Ty Wigginton is among those creating dividends for fantasy owners who grabbed them late. -duck

Inbox: When will Roberts return? | News
When is Brian Roberts getting off the disabled list? Is manager Dave Trembley's job in jeopardy? Beat reporter Brittany Ghiroli answers these questions and more in the Inbox. -duck

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - April 21
Norfolk and Bowie won, Delmarva lost, and Frederick had its game suspended. Shouldn't have been caught with your cellphone out between classes, Frederick, and you wouldn't have been suspended. You've been warned about that. -duck

Hustler Club’s stripper-mobile gives Camden Yards fans an eyeful -
The stripper-mobile has left Baltimore, as Larry Flynt's Hustler club ordered it back to St. Louis after the driver was issued a ticket for unsecured passengers and blocking traffic on Opening Day. -duck