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Red Sox 4, Orioles 3: Another painful loss

Jeremy Guthrie: 6 IP, 3 R. 
Orioles bullpen: 3 walks in the bottom of the 8th, including Jim Johnson walking in the winning run. 
Nolan Reimold and Ty Wigginton: 3 walks each
Adam Jones with a 2 run HR in the 7th and Luke with an RBI ground out to tie the game in the 8th. 
Nick Markakis: 2 more hits, sadly thrown out at 2nd in the top of the 9th. 
Orioles LOB: 12
Garrett Atkins LOB: 9
Jon Lester didn't look good but the Orioles couldn't do anything with it. 
That's all I've got. If the Orioles could have come back and won this game, it really would have meant something. It would have been the kind of win that could get a team back on track.