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Saturday Bird Droppings

This will be an abbreviated edition, as my computer doesn't want to play nice this morning and my son has a 5K that starts at 9.  Sorry.

 Wait-and-see approach boosts Sox past Orioles - The Boston Globe
"That it took the notoriously impatient Adrian Beltre to draw a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the eighth inning to beat the worst team in baseball isn’t the point. The Red Sox did what was needed." Yup, we walked the guy who's the worst at taking walks to lose last night's game. That's Orioles baseball, 2010 style. -duck

Did the O's callup Rhyne Hughes? -
Guess who Steve Melewski cites as his source? That's right, lil' ol' Camden Chat. Thanks, Steve. -duck

Some stats, facts and commentary after a loss at Boston -
"In a close game, the O's made mistakes that led to another loss. *The bullpen issued three straight walks with two outs and a man on third in the 8th. *Miguel Tejada's error in the 5th led to a run. *Garrett Atkins stranded eight runners on base in his first three at bats..." It goes on from there, but you get the point. -duck

PressBox: Amber wasn't happy with Roch in the booth
"Amber Theoharis showed a flash of temper during the Orioles’ opening week in Tampa. Apparently, Jim Palmer had a throat problem and couldn’t do color commentary for one of the TV games. So MASN blogger and former Baltimore Sun sports writer Roch Kubatko filled in. Theoharis reportedly was not happy about being passed over, and her reaction was "not pretty." Since then, Theoharis has "buried the hatchet." Jests our source: "Yeah, she buried the hatchet in Kubatko’s head." Ha ha ha." -duck

Anyone with front page street cred, please feel free to add to this.