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Sunday Bird Droppings

It's Sunday, the O's are 2-16, and you can find about about how last night fell apart here (Connolly)here (Ghiroli)here (Melewski)here (, and here (

Uehara to begin rehab stint Tuesday | News
And not a moment too soon. -zk

Gammons: Cruz inspires McDonald | News
"Darnell McDonald conditioned himself to never stop dreaming, 13 years after signing his first professional contract with the Baltimore Orioles. So when he showed up at Fenway Park on Tuesday, homered in his first Red Sox at-bat and an inning later hit a walk-off wall-ball that got him mobbed by a bunch of guys with World Series rings, he said: "This is what you dream about, what I've dreamed about all these years." I've got a soft spot for Darnell. I watched him play a lot of games at Delmarva. -duck

Big start for Bergy -
If Brad Bergesen does well enough today for Norfolk, it might be the only start he makes there this year. -duck

Analysis: Too soon for O's to toss Trembley?
This is a headline you're gonna see a lot in the next 48 hours. Today it's from the Carroll County Times. -zk

Orioles call up Hughes, put him in lineup -
The O's called up Rhyne Hughes and had him start last night. Worked pretty well until he did his Adam Jones impersonation. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: Orioles: Let Matusz figure it out
Peter Schmuck says it's time to let the kids pitch later into games. Did anyone really think Matt Albers was going to pitch better than Brian Matusz, even after 100 pitches? -duck

Lyons: Apparently there's no 'baseless' in baseball |
The lawsuit down in Sarasota about the deal to bring the O's in just isn't going away. -duck

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / What’s in a name for O’s farm team? It must be Tyler
For some reason, there are four players named "Tyler" playing at Delmarva. Weird. -duck

Chirpin With The Birds: Arrieta 'definitely' ready for the bigs
Jake Arrieta is a pretty realistic dude. "I'm aware of it, but that doesn't mean I wake up every day hoping to get that phone call." Well, the phone may be ringing sooner than you think, Jake. -duck