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Monday Bird Droppings

Wonderful details of yesterday's glorious comeback against hated foes the Red Sox as our heroes defended the Birdland may be found here (Connolly), here (AP), here (Ghiroli), and here (Melewski). OK, so I watched "Enemy at the Gates" again this weekend. Sorry for the hyberbole, but I love Ralph Joseph Fiennes in that movie. (Thanks to UH-60 for the correct actor)

Rookie Hughes willing to be spark for Orioles -
"First baseman Rhyne Hughes isn't sure he is the spark the Orioles need to break out of their early-season funk. If he is, though, he's willing to play the role. " Rhyne, buddy? Tag, you're it. -duck

Vet Millwood opposes young Hughes in opener -
Our favorite mentor, Kevin Millwood, tries for his first win of the year. He's got a 3.38 ERA and has 24 strikeouts versus four walks, but can't buy any run support. -duck

Jones breaking out of early slump -
"But the only way you can get yourself out of a slump is to hit yourself out of a slump," Adam Jones said. And it seems he may just be doing it. Now if Luke Scott will follow his lead. -duck

Orioles Catcher Matt Wieters Learning on the Fly -
Matt Wieters talked with a NESN reporter about assuming the role of leader of the pitching staff as the regular catcher. -duck

Mora defends Trembley. Really, he does. - Orioles Insider
Mass hysteria, dog and cats living together, and Melvin Mora defending Dave Trembley, Truly these are the end of days. -duck

White House is next stop for Yankees -
"The Yankees' road-trip itinerary contains one additional stop, and it will not be found on any pocket schedule -- the White House." Really, reporter? THAT'S your lede for the story? Ugh. And Yankees fans wonder why everyone hates their team. -duck

LATE ADDITION: Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps
Norfolk won behind Brad Bergesen's strong outing, Bowie lost, Frederick whooped up on Salem, and Delmarva lost as Matt Hobgood wasn't so good Sunday. -duck