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How to make links in a comment

 Want to make links in a comment or reply with just pasting the ugly-lookin' URL? Here's how to make links in a comment or reply on any SBN site, including Camden Chat.

First off, ALWAYS type in a subject line. It's just courtesy to the other readers. 


Second type in the text that will become your link. That's what readers will click on to go to the page you want.


Third, click the chain icon after you've highlighted the type.


Fourth, a new box will appear.



Fifth, in the new box's "Enter the URL:" entry box, paste (or type) the name of the web page you want to link to. Also, click the box for "Open in New Window", so they won't leave Camden Chat, but will have the link appear in a new window.


Sixth, check out the formatting that SBN does for you automatically. Cool, huh?


Seventh, take a look at the preview. If you like what you see, click "Post" and your comment or reply will appear with the link ready to go.