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Thursday Bird Droppings

The droppings are up a little late today, sorry about that. I'm pinch hitting for duck and mornings are not my bag. Enjoy! 

Yankees postgame: Why Joe Girardi is ticked at Jeremy Guthrie (again) | -
Joe Girardi cries a river about how many Yankees Guthrie has hit. "I wish he had better command," he says. Well who doesn't, Joe? Get over it or we'll send Daniel Cabrera out for Guts' next start against you. -Stacey

Guthrie apologizes for his poor outing.
Jeremy Guthrie gives a Dennis Sarfate-like apology, saying he's embarrassed by pretty much his entire existence, and he apologizes to his teammates, the fans, Jorge Posada, and who knows who else. Poor guy. -Stacey

Audio from Chris Tillman's no-hitter
The radio announcer's call of the final out along with comments from Chris Tillman and pitching coach Mike Griffin. -Stacey

MLB adopts four recommended rule changes to All-Star Game - Big League Stew 
Plan on the DH in All All-Star Games, any pitcher who pitched on Sunday is out, an expanded roster is coming and a weird positional return option will be adopted. I really don't get the last one. Each manager is supposed to find one player who could replace the 2B or the CF or the 3B if one gets hurt? Who, exactly, is that? -duck 

The Indians are the most hated team in baseball? Apparently so - Big League Stew
And our beloved O's come in 8th. Since we at CC say nothing but loving, uplifting things about our favorite ball club, I just can't see the justification for why they are the 8th most hated team in MLB. Except the backup second baseman (edit by Stacey). I f@(#ing hate that guy. -duck

Roberts has more medical issues | News
Now he's having flu-like symptoms and will have an endoscopy on Thursday. Poor Brian. Maybe we should send him one of those bouquets made of fruit. -Stacey

Baltimore Orioles reliever Matt Albers could lose roster spot -
With 3E1N coming back on Saturday and Koji not far behind him, Matt Albers' days might be numbered. -Stacey

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- April 28
I guess some stuff did happen in the minors other than Tillman's no-no. Baysox lost, but Brandon Waring and Tyler Henson had big nights. The Keys got knocked around behind Cole McCurry. The Shorebirds beat a team ridiculously called the Tourists in a game started by the forgotten man in the Bedard trade, Tony Butler. -Stacey

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Projecting The Top 10
James F's favorite guy, Kevin Goldstein, projects the first 10 picks of the June draft, predicting the Orioles will go with Jameson Taillon. -Stacey

Orioles Insider: Officer Millwood reports for duty
They showed clips of this during the game last night. I had the sound turned off so I didn't hear what the Mentor was saying, but he looked delighted. He got to go on a high speed chase and he "learned quite a bit about Baltimore." With the police? I shudder to think. -Stacey