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Yankees 4, Orioles 0: Another day, another loss

Dear Brian Matusz,

I'm so sorry that you have to play for such an awful team. You're so young and even though you're not quite there yet, every time you pitch we can all see how dominant you'll be soon. Even on a day when you were facing possibly the best offense in baseball and were the victim of some cheap hits and the ridiculously hot Robinson Cano, you stuck it out for six innings and held the Yankees to 3 runs. But did the offense help you at all? No.

Your teammates were only able to manage three hits tonight and none in the same inning. They put on a pathetic display, frankly, and you have every right to be disappointed. At least Nick Markakis and Nolan Reimold helped you out on defense as they each made a very good catch in the outfield. Nick even laid out for the ball in that classic Nick way. Not that either did anything for you at the plate.

I hope you won't get too discouraged, Brian. You're only getting better and eventually the bats will give you some support. In the meantime, the Orioles fans who love watching you pitch are thanking their lucky stars that the rules of baseball ensure that you can't leave Baltimore of your own free will for a number of years.

I'll catch you in five days, Brian, when you face the Yankees yet again. I'm looking forward to it already.