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Friday Bird Droppings

Matt Wieters makes me sad right now.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Matt Wieters makes me sad right now. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Game recaps can be found here (Zrbiec)here (Ghiroli)here (Daily News)here (Melewski). Why you'd want to read them is beyond me. 

Trembley's post game press conference
Diamond Dave tips his hat again, and says the team will keep trying... forget it, I don't know what he said, I couldn't bring myself to watch it. You tell me what he said. -duck

Brian Matusz and Miguel Tejada quotes from post-game
The pitcher and 3B talk about their respective efforts and the team. Here's one choice sample from Brian Matusz: "Whether we score runs or not, that's nothing that I can control. I've just got to focus on keeping our team in the game and giving our hitters the opportunity to come through with a win." -duck

Britton deals with some struggles -
Zach Britton talked with MASN about his season thus and spares the atrocious Bowie infield defense from his wrath. -duck

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - April 29
Norfolk lost, Bowie lost, Frederick lost and guess what? Delmarva lost. It was a swell day across Birdland yesterday. -duck

Orioles Insider: Nothing new to report on Roberts
Dave Trembley's not exactly a wealth of information on this topic. "He was supposed to get an endoscopy today. I talked to him last night. It's his feeling that he has been taking a lot of medication," Trembley said. "I think he's off the medication now." Well, thanks for that update, Skip. -duck

Orioles Insider: Koji to rehab at Norfolk on Saturday 
"Before (Wednesday's) game, Orioles manager Dave Trembley said that relief pitcher Koji Uehara will pitch in another injury rehabilitation assignment." -duck

Orioles Notebook: Uehara could return next week
So, after he makes that appearance in Norfolk this weekend, Koji Uehara should be heading north. Nice. Matt Albers, there's a few of us willing to help you pack. We're a helpful bunch that way. -duck

Baltimore Orioles reliever Matt Albers could lose roster spot -
"With two potential roster moves pending within the next week, reliever Matt Albers' future with the Orioles could be in jeopardy, something the right-hander said he is not thinking about." No, Matt, the Gulf of Mexico is currently in jeopardy. You are all but assured of losing your job. -duck

Orioles Insider: MacPhail-Ripken take in game
Call Ripken joined Andy MacPhail in the Orioles suite after lunch with Peter Angelos. It's so nice to see old friends making acquaintances again... JUST SELL THE DAMN TEAM ALREADY, PETER! -duck

Rick Kranitz says Jeremy Guthrie was trying too hard -
I'm not so sure he listened, since he was last spotted clearing out his locker and removing the nameplate. And I'm not even making that up. -duck

Red Sox feel things are leveling out - The Boston Globe
Ah, the obligatory "Red Sox can get healthy against the Orioles" story. I'd love to sweep those guys this weekend. -duck

Adam Jones wants to see how many sliders you can hit - Big League Stew
Jamie Mottram of Yahoo! Sports has the best response so far: "[H]e's the one being paid to hit, and those in the stands are the ones paying to yell at him when he doesn't." -duck

O's save fan the cost of gym membership | The Daily Times
"The author of, [Mike] Laws has tasked himself to do a number of exercises when a Baltimore player does something wrong (i.e. when a pitcher issues a walk, a hitter strikes out). And with each loss, Laws walks 4.5 miles from his home in Arlington, Va., to his job in Washington." I hope the dude's got an excellent health insurance plan. -duck

Rockies' catcher Miguel Olivo passes kidney stone, keeps playing - Big League Stew
I don't know if it's possible to add any meaningful words to that headline. -duck

New Split: Pitch Types by Count | FanGraphs Baseball
Nice, compact graph showing what percent of the time a type of pitch is thrown in a certain count. Available by individual pitcher. That's nice. -duck