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Sunday Bird Droppings

Remembering Mike Cuellar 

Pretty much every Orioles blog I've read (and I read most of them) began their stories on Mike Cuellar with something along the lines of, "Although I'm too young to have watched him pitch..." We're a young bunch, it seems. So instead of me reciting some stats and wishing aloud that I'd seen him play, instead read these articles that say more about Cuellar than I ever could. 

Former pitcher Cuellar dead at 72; 'a magician out there' -
A really lovely account of Cuellar's career with memories from his former teammates. -Stacey

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Mike Cuellar, 2001 Topps American Pie #83
Kevin pays tribute to Cuellar on Card O the Day. -Stacey

Roch Kubatko remembers Cuellar
A moment of seriousness from Roch. -Stacey

The Toy Department: What are your memories of Mike Cuellar?
Dan Connolly asks readers to contribute their memories, and they're good ones. -Stacey

Dave Trembley speaks of his friend
Trembley and Cuellar became good friends over the past few years and Dave shares a bit about him and the loss he's feeling. -Stacey

Baseball-Reference Blog " Blog Archive " Mike Cuellar 1937-2010
Andy at puts Cuellar's career stats into perspective. -Stacey

The 40 Greatest Orioles of All-Time - No. 11 - Mike Cuellar
Back in 2006, SC named Mike Cuellar the 11th best Oriole in team history. -Stacey

The rest of the droppings are below the jump. 

Getting ready for Opening Day

Tejada's bat lifts O's over Mets, 11-0 -
Tejada and Reimold hit home runs and Brian Matusz rolled through another lineup. A nice final ST game to be sure. -Stacey

Robert Andino isn't happy
I mean, I understand, but whatever. -Stacey

Brian Matusz Community Projection - Minor League Ball
John Sickels is taking entries for a community projection on Brian Matusz. -Stacey

Suited for success -
Speaking of Matusz, here's your feel good story about him. I love him in the team store looking for his jersey for sale. -Stacey

Mickolio is angry at his groin
To be a little clearer, he is angry that he worked hard this off season and then didn't make the team because he hurt his groin. Well, that and the fact that he didn't pitch all that well. -Stacey

O's Reimold takes ground balls at first base -
I think this is great news. I know, they say we shouldn't read too much into it. But finding out if Luke Scott and Nolan Reimold are capable of playing first base is a good sign that the team is doing what it can to make sure the best lineup is on the field. -Stacey

Brian Matusz speaks on his outing
What Matusz most is that he progressed well in Spring Training, and in yesterday's game against the Mets, he left all Matusz of pitch selection to Matt Wieters. -Stacey

Pie could play
He's not letting anyone take him out of the Opening Day lineup, no sir. -Stacey

O's Roberts' issues not behind him just yet -
Brian Roberts will be ready to play on Opening Day, and while he admits his back is sore, he's taking it in stride. Peter Schmuck prefers to be Debbie Downer. -Stacey

Will there be another change for Rowell?
He might be moving back to the infield. Frankly, who even cares anymore? -Stacey

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