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Bird Droppings - The Day After

So, uh, Opening Day. Those homeruns were nice, huh?  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
So, uh, Opening Day. Those homeruns were nice, huh? (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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Bleh. That sucked. On to the port-mortem...

Game recaps can be found here (Ghiroli), here (BLS), here (USA Today), here (, and here (Zrebiec).

Vensel: We'll learn about these O's real fast -
Have the ever-rebuilding Orioles laid a strong enough foundation to compete for a playoff spot in 2010 - at least for most of the summer? -duck

It's too early to judge Orioles after dismal end to good game -
Peter Schmuck says it's too early to worry about the O's after one game. I know he's right, but dammit, last night sucked! -duck

Roberts 'blessed' to be in the lineup -
"I feel blessed just to have the opportunity to be here because I had no idea a couple weeks ago, a month ago, where I'd be," Brian Roberts said before Tuesday's opener. -duck

Sternberg: ABC stadium report was right on | The Heater
TB's owner agrees with a report that says the Rays need to move a few miles north to attract fans. But he's in no hurry to do anything about it. -duck

For seven young Orioles, first Opening Day's a big deal -
Orioles rookie left-hander Brian Matusz watched the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees stack the baselines during introductions for Sunday's nationally televised major league baseball opener and immediately called fellow starter Jeremy Guthrie. "Guthrie, do they do that for Opening Day for everyone?" Matusz asked about the introductions. "Is that how it works?" I love this kid. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: Orioles: Millwood knows best
Kevin Millwood knew what he was talking about in Spring Training. -duck

Pro tops Joe College | | The Daily Times
With the help of a four-run third inning, the Shorebirds defeated the Sea Gulls 9-6. The Shorebirds also used a different pitcher each inning. -duck

Taking the heat -
[Mike] Gonzalez, wearing an ice pack on his left shoulder, didn't hide in the trainers room or the players lounge. He knew that the media wanted him and he took the heat. -duck

Millwood talks about his start -
"Physically, I felt really good, felt like I was throwing the ball where I wanted to for the most part," he said. "Late, I started to get the ball up a little bit. It was decent, but to throw that many pitches and only get 15 outs, I've got to do a little better than that." -duck

Post-game notes (Melewski) -
"I don't think the Orioles see this as a moral victory. Those days are over." Good to know. There's no column for "Moral Victories" in the standings. -duck

Early impressions -
Adam Jones told Gary Thorne before the game "if someone needs a kick in the butt this year, I'll do it. If I need a kick in the butt, I hope someone will do it." Minutes later, he went out and hit a Jamie Walker "rocket ship" off the center-field wall. Then he homered to right in the third. That's leadership. -duck

O’s/Rays Observations | FanGraphs Baseball
R.J. Anderson talks about last night's game. Pretty spot on stuff. -Stacey