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GameThread: Orioles (0-2) @ Rays (2-0)

I'm about to type something I hope that I don't need to say many times this year. Ready? The Orioles hope to avoid the sweep with a win tonight. Phew.

The good news is that tonight we get to watch Brian Matusz. If you need a reminder of why we all love Brian Matusz, you should watch this video. You should probably watch it even if you don't need a reminder. I had selfishly hoped they'd put Matusz fourth in the rotation so I could see him on Friday at Camden Yards, but that's ok. I like Bergesen too.

The Rays counter with Jeff Niemann, who had a very good 2009. He pitched 180.2 innings with a 3.94 ERA, a 2.12 K/BB, and a 0.8 HR/9.

Let's Go O's!