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GameThread: Blue Jays (2-1) @ Orioles (1-2)

The home opener is finally here! It's not going to be as warm today as it's been the rest of the week but it will be nice and sunny. That's all I can ask, really.

The O's lost two heart breakers to the Rays before finally taking game three last night. Now they face another AL East rival in the Toronto Blue Jays. I spent the entire off season talking about how awful the Blue Jays are going to be, so let's hope I don't end up looking like an idiot.

Brad Bergesen, the Orioles pitcher who had the most success in 2009, starts the home opener against the Jays' Brandon Morrow. Morrow was jerked around by the Mariners for a few years before being traded to Toronto where he'll be in the starting rotation. He was the fifth overall pick in the 2006 draft so he's got the talent and Toronto is hoping he'll put it together.

I'll be at the game today along with duck and 2632 and a number of the rest of you. By the time the lineups are ready to be posted I'll be halfway finished my crab cake, so anyone with front page access who wants to add them, please do so. Additionally, I don't know if zk will be around so if he's not and the thread starts to get slow, feel free to throw up an overflow thread.

Play ball!