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Saturday Bird Droppings

Man, I love walkoff wins.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Man, I love walkoff wins. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, it's certinly weird that I'm the first one awake today. Last night's game was obviously late, so not a lot of stories clipped yet, but I'll add them as I find them.

Recap of the game from the Sun, and the Globe, just to get two opposing views. 

Tejada playing through the pain. (Roch)
In addition to winning extra innings games against Boston, Miguel Tejada is still nursing the hip injury he suffered in Oakland. -zk

Baltimore Orioles reliever Matt Albers could lose roster spot -
Baltimore Orioles reliever Matt Albers could will lose roster spot. FTFY, Dan Connolly. -zk

MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner Regarding Arizona Immigration Law
Here's the MLBPA official position on the Arizona immigration law. Read between the lines, and I'm thinking there may, just may, be a call for a player boycott of the 2011 All Star Game in Arizona. Have fun with that, Bud Selig. (h/t to -duck

Changing Camden Yards, Without Changing Camden Yards -
Janet Marie Smith, who is also renovating the Orioles' ST complex, is charged with updating Camden Yards without changing its character too drastically. -zk

 Words are unnecessary as Red Sox confront the David Ortiz dilemma | Sports -
Ortiz's days in Beantown may be numbered. -zk

Phillies GM, agent give behind-scenes look at Ryan Howard contract
It's Ken Rosenthal reporting, but still: “The sabermetricians are welcome to have their opinions about our business; however, I choose to ignore their opinions,” Amaro said. Whoa. Way to alienate a large portion of your fanbase, dude. -zk