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Birds Up, O's Down for May 10

Here’s a weekly look at players making an impact, for good and bad, for the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Koji Uehara (RHP) - He finally got healthy enough to make it back to the big club, and The Delicate Flower appeared in two games, giving up 0 runs in 2.0 IP and just 1 hit and 0 walks for a WHIP of 0.50.
Will Ohman (LHP) - The O-man pitched in 3 games for 2.1 IP and allowed 0 runs, just 1 hit and 2 walks.
Back-up Second Baseman (2B) - It pains me to say it, but he did bat .538 for the week in 13 AB and drew 1 walk. I doubt it will happen again, but gotta give props were props is due.
Alfredo Simon (RHP) - The closer appeared in three games this week with 3.0 IP, earning 1 save. He allowed 4 hits and 1 earned run. He's doing his job. 
Garrett Atkins (1B) - Sure, he batted .318 for the week, and he actually drew 1 walk, but his teeth are still big.
Brad Bergesen (RHP) - Brad earned his trip back to the Orioles, and while it wasn't always pretty, he got 20 outs on 15 ground balls. Six hits and 0 K's were a cause for concern, but to give up 0 runs in his second outing since his return while pitching into the 7th is highly encouraging. Ground balls are the new strikeout, you know.

O's down

Lou Montanez (LF) - Lou appeared in two games this week. He went 0-for-6 with 1 walk. Next.
Jim Johnson (RHP) - First he was demoted, now he sees Dr. James Andrews to see if surgery is needed on his ulnar collateral ligament.
Ty Wigginton (2B) - He was bound for a slump at some point, and this week was it. Ty batted just .172 for the week, and while he had 2 home runs, adding 0 walks to just 5 hits in 29 AB doesn't make for a good week.
Rhyne Hughes (1B) - Well, it was fun while it lasted. We all knew Baby Rhyno would fall back to earth, but a .091 AVG for the week is a pretty hard crash. Add in 0 walks and 5 K's, and Garret Atkins is suddenly looking like a great replacement.
Luke Scott (DH) - Luke went 2-for-11 with no walks in three games. Yeah, three games. The O's played seven games this week. Message sent, I do believe.