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Tuesday Bird Droppings

A Look at the AL Rookie Race | FanGraphs Baseball
The guys and gals at FanGraphs still have faith that Brian Matusz will end up as AL Rookie of the Year. -duck

The Mariners Prove Two Points
Neal at The Loss Column talks about the Mariners firing their hitting coach and wonders if the same might work for the Orioles. -Stacey

10 guys who could wind up on trade block - FOX Sports on MSN
Ken Rosenthal identifies possible trade pieces at the deadline including our very own mentor, Kevin Millwood. -Stacey

The Problem with Bell
Weaver's Tantrum takes a look at Josh Bell's recent surge in AAA and what might be holding him back. -Stacey

Beneath the Surface: Frederick Keys Update
Camden Depot talks up the Keys and specifically the good year so far from LJ Hoes. -Stacey

Hard throwing Cooney off to great start at Frederick
Steve Melewski profiles 24 year old closer Brandon Cooney. -Stacey

Commetary: For Griffey, Mariners, end is near
Not Orioles related, but it just makes me sad. Watching Ken Griffey, Jr. last year made me sad and I was bummed when he came back. -Stacey

Report: Ken Griffey Jr. to retire or be released sometime this month - HardballTalk
Seems The Kid was nowhere to be found on the bench during the late innings of a game last week. That's because he apparently was sleeping in the clubhouse, according to two players. Hey, when you're 40, you need your naps! -duck

Pretty in pink...but
Matt Wieters wanted to wear a special chest protector to honor his mother on Sunday but the MLB told him no. Boo MLB. -Stacey

O's power trip leads to Eutaw St. -
Lefty hitters—for the Orioles and opposing teams alike—love it when their dingers clear the flag court and land on Eutaw. -zk

AL East a learning curve for young O's arms | News
If our rookie hurlers can make it in the AL East, they can make it anywhere. Wait. Is there a song about that? -zk

Orioles Insider: Orioles observations and opinions
Jeff Zrebiec likes Corey Patterson, but even he thinks we need to check ourselves on the "C-Pat will spark the offense!" talk. -duck

Orioles Insider: Corey Patterson's waiting, not wishing
"I’m hoping to keep with my approach and keep working hard and, for me, that’s all you can do. I won’t believe anything until it happens." Plan it happening somewhere around 1 p.m. today, Corey. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: Orioles: Smokin' aces
The good news? Seattle is struggling. The bad news? We get not only Felix Hernandez, but Cliff Lee as well. -duck

John Smoltz falls short in bid to qualify for U.S. Open - HardballTalk
So even future Hall of Famers get the yips, too. -duck

Opera Vivente gives "The Magic Flute" by Mozart a Baltimore makeover -
"Typically, when the character of Papageno the bird-catcher makes his entrance in Mozart's beloved opera "The Magic Flute," he's carrying a cage and sporting a few feathers himself. When he appears in Opera Vivente's new production of the work, Papageno's most avian feature will be the word on his shirt — "Orioles." And don't be surprised if he's hoisting a Natty Boh. This isn't your father's "Magic Flute," hon." -zk

IN THE MINORS:  Norfolk lost 4-3 as Corey Patterson went 2-for-3 with a triple and Jake Arrieta went 7.0 IP with 2 earned runs (3 total) and 5 walk with 6 Ks (EDIT: Apparently, I can't read a box score before 7 a.m.), Bowie lost 5-4 as no Baysox player got more than 1 hit while Steve Johnson went 6.0 IP and didn't allow a run with 6 Ks and 4 walks, Frederick won 7-2 with Xavier Avery going 2-for-5 and Kyle Hudson going 3-for-4 and Billy Rowell had 3 RBI, and Delmarva lost 4-3 with Steve Bumbry going 2-for-3. -duck