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Monday Bird Droppings

It's gotten so bad, The Bird is now eating children.   (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
It's gotten so bad, The Bird is now eating children. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Recaps of yesterday's boring, nothing to see here, move along loss can be found at The SunOrioles.comThe Associated Press, and News-Herald.

Post-game Trembley -
There's non-committal, there's silence that speaks volumes, and then there's Dave Trembley talking about first base. Each day Garrett Atkins comes into the locker room and still has a nameplate should be a pleasant surprise for him. -duck

The frustration level mounts -
And just to add to the mountain of evidence of why Garrett Atkins is, um, lucky to be in baseball, he's hit no homers this year while playing 1B and he's driven in one run in 18 games. One. Uno. Un. Ichi. That's bad. -duck

Britt's Bird Watch: Reimold's future plans?
Garrett Atkins has officially been put on notice - Nolan Reimold started at 1B on Sunday at Norfolk. It won't be the last time he does, either. -duck

Orioles Notebook: Shoulder ailing Hernandez - Carroll County Times
Also notes about the return of Alberto Castillo and the recuperation of Mike Gonzalez. -zk

Pssst...Wanna Buy a Field?
The cornfield and baseball diamond used in the 1989 film Field of Dreams are up for sale. Only $5.4 million. -zk

Reimold's homer helps Tides end drought | |
Nolan Reimold hit a two-run homer in his third game since being sent down from the Baltimore Orioles to lift the Norfolk Tides to a 5-4 victory over Buffalo on Sunday. -zk

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - May 16
Norfolk lost, but won, as Nolan Reimold homered, Bowie was shut out despite Chorye Spoone pitching well, Frederick won as Bobby Stevens went 3-for-4 and Delmarva lost as Tyler Kolodny (that's Tyler #4 to you) was the only Shorebird to do anything worthwhile. -duck


Friends remember 'devil's horns' metal music great Ronnie James Dio as kind soul -
"Even as he endured grueling chemotherapy treatments to rid his stomach of cancer , Ronnie James Dio showed the fiery passion that made him a metal legend, flashing his famous devil's horns signal as he lay in a hospital bed." Go watch "The Mob Rules,"  "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Last in Line" and "Heaven and Hell". Especially "The Mob Rules". You will thank me later.


At least the Orioles went down quickly -
This might be the dumbest thing I have ever read from Kevin Cowherd. Just a sampler:

"But now the drumbeat is getting louder for Crowley's head, too.

Me, I don't get it.

The guy has been a major league hitting coach for 24 years. This is his 16th season as an Orioles coach. What happened — did he suddenly get stupid? Suddenly forget everything he knew about hitting?"

Yes, Kevin, just because a man has had his job for 16 years must mean he's doing it perfectly. I'll let y'all post the offensive futility over the last decade and a half. Teh stupid, it burns... -duck

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