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GameThread: Royals (14-24) @ Orioles (12-25), 7:05 PM

Tonight the Orioles start back-to-back two game series. I hate two game series. They're dumb. I know that it's hard to make a schedule for 30 baseball teams when you consider traveling to opposite coasts, interleague play, the unbalanced schedule, etc., but 2 games series are just dumb. The Orioles play a 4 game series in Kansas City later this year. I don't know. Why do the Red Sox play the Twins five times and the Orioles play them eight?

Anyway, tonight Brad Bergesen is looking for his fourth consecutive win and third consecutive awesome start. I hope he's not too jumpy facing the Royals since the last time he saw them his shin took a line drive off the bat of Billy Butler. He's opposed by Kyle Davies who, apart from giving up 9 runs in 4 innings to the Rangers a few starts ago has actually been decent for the Royals.

One thing about two awful teams playing each other is that maybe it'll be a fierce competition. Or, whatever. The game might not even get played. The weather is looking super iffy.