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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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I'll put as much effort into the recaps as the O's did the game last night: Orioles.comThe

O's fall by one run to KC (with Bergesen video) -
Big Bad Brad Bergesen says he didn't have his best stuff tonight. That's good, because if that was his best stuff, we're in trouble. -duck

Time of press conference: 2 minutes, 10 seconds -
Dave Trembley spoke, the assembled media asked three questions, and that was it. It's like watching lint spin around the shower drain. There's just nothing left to ask aside from, how long will it take before this mess disappears? -duck

Hernandez in line to make next start | News
Looks like David Hernandez will make his next start. So, back off the ledge, people, it's gonna be OK. -duck

Nick Markakis’ Lack Of Power | Camden Crazies
Daniel Moroz examines why Nick Markakis isn't hitting as many home runs. -Stacey

Uehara could be O's plan B closer | News
"He's not a strikeout pitcher, he's a flyball pitcher, if you look at his splits," Dave Trembley said. "I don't know if that is your recipe for success if you're a closer." Because strikeouts count extra? Last time I checked, an out is an out, regardless of how recorded. Especially when your closer typically doesn't inherit runners, because, you know, he comes in at the beginning of the ninth inning. Can we please fire this man now? -duck

Interview with Orioles' 2009 4th Round Draft Pick
Jordan at Orioles Prospects interviewed Randy Henry about his rehab from TJ surgery, his goals for 2010, and how he'd rather play 2nd base. -Stacey

Atkins struggling to find consistency at plate | News
Because the headlines, "Atkins effing sucks," and "The Orioles are morons for giving Atkins one dime, let alone $4.5M" were already taken. -Stacey

Orioles Notebook: Atkins struggling to hit for power
Atkins struggling to hit for power - there, FTFY. -duck

Reports: Jacksonville native Ryan Freel retires from baseball at age 34 |
A moment of silence, please. -zk

Struggling teams stare into dugout as slow starts put heat on managers -
If you don't read this article, John Gibbons will PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE! -zk

O's to make roster moves for Interleague Play | News
One of those 23 pitchers in the bullpen will be moved out before interleague play. Question becomes, what minor league bat is worth calling up right now? -duck

Orioles Insider: Where is Mike Costanzo these days?
Because I know you're dying to know. And I'm going to make you click the link to find out. Scan my headlines and move on, will ya? NOT THIS TIME! -duck

Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - May 17
Norfolk lost (Michael Aubrey went 2-for-4 with a HR), Bowie had a day off, and Frederick and Delmarva were rained out. -duck