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GameThread: Royals (15-24) @ Orioles (12-27), 7:05 PM

I feel like a few lists today. Lists are fun!

Things the Orioles will try to do tonight against the Royals:

  1. Stop their losing streak at 3. Beginning with their sweep of the Red Sox, the Orioles have won three, lost three, won two, lost three, won three, and lost three. So by my very advanced statistical analysis I have determined that they will win tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Thursday.
  2. Beat Zack Greinke. Greinke has made 5 career starts against the Orioles and lifetime is 1-2 against them. Obviously this means that the Orioles are better than Zack Greinke (pay no mind to the fact that both of those losses were back in 2004, or to any of the other things that make this statement silly).
  3. Get Kevin Millwood his first win of the year already. He'll never win Mentor of the Year (MotY) with no wins to his credit.
  4. Get some production out of first base. Coming into 2009, Garrett Atkins had 98 home runs in 2984 at bats. That's one home run about every 29 at bats. Well, he has 106 ABs this year so surely he's due.

I won't be able to watch most of tonight's game as I have my sister's birthday slash my niece's chorus production at the middle school. This also means I won't get to watch LOST tonight. Due to these family events I'll need the following from y'all:

  1. Keep good track of any of Diamond Dave's WTF moments.
    If any of you want to write a post game I would be much obliged. Think about it. It's fun! Even if the Orioles lose it's sometimes fun on account of the rage release.
    Do NOT talk about tonight's episode of LOST in this thread. I implore you: use the LOST fanpost. I am not even kidding that if I come into this gamethread and see one post about anything that happened in tonight's episode, I will FLIP OUT.

Let's Go O's! Here are your pitchers and lineups:

2010 - Zack Greinke 1-4 2.73 1.12 44 10

2010 - Kevin Millwood 0-4 3.69 1.27 41 15

Royals: Scott Podsednik (LF), Jason Kendall (C), David DeJesus (RF), Billy Butler (1B), Jose Guillen (DH), Alberto Callaspo (3B), Mitch Maier (CF), Yuniesky Betancourt (SS), Chris Getz (2B)

Orioles: Corey Patterson (LF), Ty Wigginton (2B), Nick Markakis (RF), Miguel Tejada (3B), Matt Wieters (C), Luke Scott (DH), Adam Jones (CF), Garrett Atkins (1B), B2B (SS)