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Sunday Bird Droppings

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You can catch different views of last night's win by the Orioles from The, the Post, and

Post-game Trembley -
"I was talking to (Brad) Bergesen before I came in and he said that was the ugliest win he's ever got, but it felt the best that he's ever felt, so he'll take it."I bet he will, Dave. -duck

Rick Kranitz on sending Jim Johnson down -
"I'm certain it will help him. But he needs to get back to who Jim Johnson is. He can't worry about what each hitter is going to do to you. It's what you are going to do to the hitter. You don't make the adjustment, let the hitter adjust on you." I actually agree with most of this. -duck

Orioles, Phillies, Red Sox find hole tough to fill at top of lineup -
"The leadoff spot has become a bottomless pit at Camden Yards. And the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies are having their own problems filling voids created by injuries to leadoff men." Gee, don't sugarcoat the problem. -duck

Orioles hoping catcher Matt Wieters, 23, is key to turning franchise around | -
They're writing about SHJ up in northern New Jersey. -zk

O's woes know no end - Tom Verducci -
Verducci talked to an unnamed "rival executive" and came away with this: "They took good young players and surrounded them with non-tenders, veteran guys who can't play," the executive said. "It's a brutal combination." -duck

Are Sportswriters Really Necessary? - BusinessWeek
Narrative Science's software takes sports stats and spits out articles. Much like this description. -duck