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GameThread: Red Sox (11-13) @ Orioles (6-18), 1:35

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In an interesting turn of events, today the Orioles go for the sweep instead of trying to avoid it. Well done, fellas! Standing in their way of this feat is Josh Beckett, who was been pretty awful this year. Let's hope that trend continues at least through today. There's no Wieters in the lineup today which bums me out. I know he needs days off, but can't they bench Luke Scott and let him DH? Or does that not count as rest?

The Mentor is still looking for his first win and today would be a really sweet time for him to get it. I wouldn't argue with a complete game, either. The bullpen needs it the way Diamond Dave has been trotting them out there.

Josh Beckett 1-0 7.22 1.74 20 13

Kevin "Mentor" Millwood 0-3 3.38 1.28 28 7


Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles
Marco Scutaro - SS Adam Jones, Son! - CF
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Nick the Stick - RF
J.D. Drew - RF Wigglypuff - 2B
Mike Lowell - 1B Michael Tehader - 3B
David Ortiz - DH LUUUUUUKE - DH
Adrian Beltre - 3B The Gazelle - LF
Jason Varitek - C Baby Rhyno - 1B
Darnell McDonald - LF Tater Tot Tatum - C
Jonathan Van Every - CF Backup Shortstop - SS

Let's Go O's!