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Birds Up, O's Down for May 2

Here’s a weekly look at players making an impact, for good and bad, for the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Alfredo Simon (RHP) - Dave Trembley said he asked Simon one question when he arrived from Norfolk - Are you scared to get the ball? Alfredo said no, and Dave told him, "You're getting it tonight if there's a save. He got it, he saved it, and the O's might, just might, have a closer.
Matt Albers (RHP) - Pitching for his MLB life, Albers staved off designation for assignment by doing his job. He earned the win in his last two appearances and gave up just 2 hits and 1 BB in 4.1 IP this week.
Adam Jones (CF) - Nine hits for the week, including 7-for-14 against BOS at home. Nothing like bringing up your AVG 30 points in one week. And slowly but surely, he's taking pitches. An 8-pitch AB this week? Miracles do happen.
Ty Wigginton (2B) - Ty is 3rd in home runs - for the American League. Yes, our favorite formerly-rotund second sacker is in the top three in the American Freakin' League in homeruns. Oh, and he's third in slugging, too. So, where does he play when if Brian Roberts gets back?
Nick Markakis (RF) - Nick the Stick went 10-for-25 over the week, but more importantly, drove in five runs Saturday alone. Take out the 0-fer on Monday, and Nick was .500 AVG for the week. I'll take it. 


O's down

Lou Montanez (LF) - There's simply no reason to deal with Lou anymore. He need a bus ticket to Norfolk when Koji Uehara is called up, likely this week. He went 0-for-the week, and his defense isn't any better than Nolan Reimold's. At least Nolan got two hits this week.
Jim Johnson (RHP) - More a function of his option status than anything else, Johnson was demoted after two less-than-effective appearances and the need for a roster spot for Brad Bergesen. Sorry, Jim.
Garrett Atkins (1B) - I hope he carries one of those butt pillows for pregnant women, because he's done a lot of sitting lately. He played in two games this week, and the two hits he collected Wednesday against NYY were one-fourth of his season total.
Nolan Reimold (LF/DH) - Nolan had two hits this week. That makes him as good as Luke Scott. Oh, goody. And hire a good paternity lawyer, will you? 
Luke Scott (DH) - Luke had two hits this week. Two. Dos. Deux. Ni. Doesn't matter the language, that's not good. It's getting late to be early, and the AVG is still under .190 and the OPS is under .560. To quote Cher: SNAP OUT OF IT!
Back-up Second Baseman (2B) - B2B had ONE hit for the past week. And he's sitting behind Ty Wigginton. That has to feel good.