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Monday Bird Droppings

Recaps of yesterday's Orioles extra-inning loss can be found at, and The Associated Press.

The two plays -
So after saying he "just missed" the ball in center than scored three runs, Adam Jones added "(Kevin) Millwood battled his ass off, man. I'm not going to beat myself up over it." Maybe you ought to, Adam. Maybe you ought to. -duck

Baltimore Orioles manager Dave Trembley could get fired Monday -
Yes, Dave Trembley could get fired today. But did someone really pay Kevin Cowherd to write an entire column of one-sentence paragraphs which basically says, "Hey, it might happen."? -zk

Baseball: Jim Ingraham’s around the horn - Possible Trembley replacements
Former Indians bench coach Jeff Datz, now the bench coach in Baltimore, is considered the leading candidate to be named interim manager should the Orioles toss Dave Trembley from their nest. Other candidates are third-base coach Juan Samuel and Class AAA manager Gary Allenson. I don't know who Jim Ingraham is, but I hope he's wrong about Samuel. -zk

Britt's Bird Watch: Orioles playing catch up
"There's a little setback, a little bump in the road so to speak. It's been tough." So says Dave Trembley, in the understatement of the season. No, Dave, a blown tire is a setback. An unexpected dental bill is a setback. This is a disaster of biblical proportions. -duck

Baltimore Orioles closer Alfredo Simon doesn't expect strained hamstring to keep him out long -
Alfredo Simon expects to be ready "in a couple days, maybe just a week." Or maybe a couple of weeks. Or maybe a month. Or maybe he'll never pitch again. Maybe, just maybe, his whole leg will fall off, and he will live his life in pain and anguish, questioning his very existence and why God has abandoned him. But I'm guessing a week. -duck

Did Lugo kick dirt on Willingham? - D.C. Sports Bog 
So, Dan Steinberg wonders if our backup second baseman (playing shortstop at the time), kicked dirt on the Nats' Josh Willingham as he rounded the bases after his game-winning home run. Screen grab goodness is involved. -duck

Uehara likely headed to DL - Carroll County Times
Koji Uehara looks headed to the disabled list. I know, I'm shocked, too. -duck

Orioles Insider: Does Koji's injury mean a Tillman/Arrieta promotion?
So, does Jake Arrieta or Chris Tillman come up to replace Koji Uehara on the roster once the Delicate Flower goes on the DL? Apparently, the club knows, but no one is spilling the beans. Either of those guys have a Facebook account? -duck

Could Jermaine Dye Cure What Ails the Baltimore Orioles? | Bleacher Report
Yet another reason to pretty much ignore anything that comes from Bleacher Report. I read this mess so you don't have to... -duck 


Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - May 23
Norfolk lost, Bowie won, Frederick lost and Delmarva lost. There were also a ton of roster moves, which Dean Jones, Jr. lists. -duck

Zach Britton Interivew |
Orioles Prospects posted an interview with Zach Britton from this spring. -Stacey