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Thursday Bird Droppings

Matt Wieters is really tall. In case you forgot. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Matt Wieters is really tall. In case you forgot. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Recaps of yesterday's 1 inning game (because basically, that's what it was) can be found at (with post-game Dave), and

Matusz talks about his outing -
"Obviously it was tough to give up four in the first. But you need to try and keep the team in the game. I got into a very nice groove, pitching down and my two-seamer had good action. I was consistent for a while." After the first inning he was. But that first inning - ugh. -duck

Atkins snaps lengthy long-ball drought | News
Garrett Atkins hit a home run last night. Bringing the Orioles total home runs from first basemen to ... zero, since he was DH last night. -duck

June 9 return looks unlikely for Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts -
"I think the scariest part was when they started testing for stuff just to find out what it was," said Roberts. Gee, can't understand why. Anyway, Roberts is not expected back by June 9, the date he could return from the disabled list. -duck

Gonzalez has setback in return from injury | News
We're just going to have to wait a little longer for the return of Mike Gonzalez. Oh, darn. -duck

Scott expects to return on Thursday | News
Luke Scott wants to play today. Diamond Dave said on Wired Wednesday last night that probably won't happen. Who. Will. Own. It? -duck

Hope O's kept the receipts | | The Daily Times
"Everyone feels buyer's remorse occasionally. I have it more often than I care to admit ("The Punisher" DVD, I'm looking at you), but it doesn't affect my life in a major way. An ugly shirt, an unwatched DVD or a never-cracked-open book just gets dropped off at the Salvation Army or Wicomico Public Library and is promptly forgotten." But you can't do that with bad free agents. Wish we could. Although Koji Uehara and Garrett Atkins probably won't fit in the book return here in Salisbury -duck

Luke Scott's 'surf and turf' wins at Orioles Cook-off -
Luke Scott wins with his surf and turf...wait a minute! Luke wears glasses???? -duck

Cowherd: 10 things to like about the Orioles, really -
Apparently, Kevin Cowherd hasn't won Apologist of the Morning from Drew Forrestor lately, and make up for it with prose like this: "So today we put on our best smiley face and present 10 good reasons to still care about this team:" -duck


Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps - May 26
Norfolk didn't play, Bowie won as Zach Britton threw 7 scoreless innings, Frederick won as Rich Zagone threw a complete game (they let them do that in the minors? Awesome!), and Delmarva lost despite Steve Bumbry going 2-for-4 with a double, stolen base run score and a RBI. -duck

O's prospect returns from broken leg | News
"Orioles outfield prospect Kieron was assigned to Class A Delmarva in the South Atlantic League this week and played in his first games since breaking his right femur." Can't exactly rub dirt on that and walk it off. Good for Kieron! -duck